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Actress  Singer  Songwriter  Composer*  *Producer*   *Emmy Nominated Composer     

Pictured below some of the great cast and crew of Eulogy! 
We had an amazing time! 
Thanks to all of you!

About Me...I am an actress,singer, songwriter, producer and entrepreneur.  Mostly I am an artist who loves life, my profession and my family.   

A little background...My early career was spent performing in the theatre; lots of regional theatre musicals, stage plays and singing performances. Years later, Miami, Florida became my second home.   I worked as a commercial actress and print model. This eventually led to a series of national and regional commercials as well as film work.

Founder and Artistic Director of Ti Piace...While in Washington, DC acting in an independant film opposite the late Sherman Hemsley, the director, Greg Canonizer recognized that I was Italian American. Ultimately, this led to an incredible journey.  I met the girls of Tre Bella and formed a non profit, Ti Piace, Inc. which dedicates itself to preserving and promoting Italian American culture through art.

Tre Bella: Three Beauties, One Voice... I am the architect of Tre Bella, a three part harmony  Italian American girl group. We have been on tour the past few years entertaining the masses; performing music in Italian and English -    Please visit the website for TOUR DATES.  My bandmates:  Lorraine Ferro and Rosie De Sanctis are my sisters of song and dance!  You will love them!

Composer of 5,000 Miles From Home documentary...A few years ago, I was included in a first time filmmakers, directors, writers project.  It led to a co-composing situation and I was lucky for the opportunity of this great collaboration.  I am the recipient of a Bronze Telly Award and was nominated for an Emmy  by the Academy of Music and Sciences for the documentary film, 5,000 Miles From Home http://www.5,  The film depicts the struggles and successes of Italian American WWII veterans.  This documentary took home 2 Emmy wins!  Here's to all the people who take chances!!!

Current project...Labor of Love, a play with music... I am penning a musical based on one of the worst industrial disaster's in New York City's history - The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. Originally,  I was awarded a grant from a New York State Senator whose family members perished in the fire.  It began as a one act  play with music where it was performed in several venues in New York City.  Currently I am collaborating with my friends to finish the music and create a two act version with the help from Ti Piace, Inc and NYSCA.